The Quanzhen School of Taoism originated on Kunyu Mountain in Northern China. It was founded by the Taoist Wang Chongyang in the 12th Century, during the Jin Dynasty. When the Mongols invaded during the Song Dynasty in 1254, the Quanzhen Taoists used thier influence to save thousands of lives. Quanzhen means "Complete Truth". The monks focused on Waidan or external alchemy, but later emphasized Neidan or internal alchemy. Nourishing life is of utmost importance in the style. The pervading concept is Wu Wei or "action through inaction". The founder of the Dragongate sect was the Taoist Qiu Chuji and he founded the White Cloud Monastery in Northeast China near modern day Beijing. Qiu Chuji had the boldness to tell Genghis Khan that there is no secret elixer to immortaliy, but that it is a way of life through, yin-yang balance, five element theory of Chinese medicine, internal alchemy- nourishing life and tai quan. Genghis Khan admired him and gave him the right to teach Taoism in Northern China. Legend has it that Qiu Chuji meditated in a cave for many years, and that he was changed through enlightenment. He rolled a huge, round stone down the mountain every day and carried it back up in order to stay busy and gain deeper insight into yin-yang principles. There are many branches in the lineage of the Dragongate Sect and Grand Master Li Fa Jun is the head of his branch. Grand Master Li Fa Jun moved to the  Yu Huang He Dao Huan "House of the Emporer of the Sky Taoist Temple" when he was a young boy. It is located in the region of Ning Xia in Northwest China. Master Lee Po Nang is the head of his branch in Hong Kong, China. Heng Xing Zi is a disciple and representative under Lee Po Nang. The main emphasis of the style is the linking of the body with the turning of the waist. This gently massages the kidneys and eventually will cause the five elements to move. The spirit of the style is water dragon boxing with the emphasis on the mysterious cotton fist (mian chuan). The premise of the style is to learn deadly martial technique and then return to the beginning and save life rather than take it. Dragongate Taiji Quan is one of the most deadly, yet beautiful and nourishing of all the Taiji Quan styles. It has been hidden for centuries, but now is available to the public and America now has a Representative from the Temple in China.
Grandmaster Li Fa Jun
Master Lee Po Nang
                                                     History of Longmen Taiji Quan