Lineage of Shandong Seven Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu
One of the greatest masters of the style was Fan Xudong. He was a rich silk merchant and live in Yantai Province, China. He was a large man weighing over 200 lbs. In 1875, he entered a free fighting competition in Siberia and defeated all of his opponents. He was known to have punched an aggressive, angry bull in the head and killed it. Fan Xudong was known as the "Great Fan". His top three disciples were Guo Jialu, Luo Guangy and Lin Jingshan. Master Lin Jingshan was born on October 4, 1885 in the village of Jiangtuan, Laigong in Shandong Province, China. He owned a vegetable stand which was near the Kung Fu School of Master Fan Xudong, but he was too poor to pay tuition for classes. He would hang around the school and mimic the movements of the students in which he witnessed from a distance. In 1902, he became a disciple of Fan Xudong. "A good teacher far leads" and soon Lin Jinshan excelled in the art. In those days there were many challenges and fights which resulted in severe injury and death. The students of Praying Mantis Kung Fu were great victors in these matches. His favorite technique was to upper cut his opponent in the temple and knock them unconscious. After many years, he became the heir of the style and in 1902, he opened his school in Yantai. One of his students came to Austin, Texas USA in the 1970's and early 80's and taught Jeffrey James. He passed away and sadly his identity has been lost. The seven star praying mantis kung fu system is alive and vibrant today. 
Master Lin Jingshan - 5th Generation Disciple and System Heir
Jeffrey James - 7th Generation Disciple