History of Seven Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu
Shaolin Temple
Shaolin Monks
Wang Lang was the founder of praying mantis kung fu. He was born in the Tsi Mo district, in Shantung Province during the Ming Dynasty. He entered the Shaolin Monastery in Sun Shang,
but because of persecution from the Manchurians, he left and traveled all over China, learning seventeen different boxing styles.
After his travel, he entered the Lao Chan Shaolin Monastery and continued his studies. In daily martial challenges, he was always defeated by the Abbot and was very troubled by his failure. One day during meditation, he noticed a combat between a praying mantis and a cicada. He was very impressed with the devastating apices nit and begin to study its movements. He developed a unique style which incorporated the deadly pinchers of the praying mantis. After much study and practice, he decided to incorporate the agile legs of the monkey to enhance the pinchers of the mantis. This combination enabled him to defeat the Abbot. This new style had a great following and after time, Wang Lang accepted many disciples, which then traveled and taught their own personal unique interpretation. The style branched out into may sub-styles which include Seven Star, Eight Steps, Six Harmonies, Secret Door, Plumb Flower and Long Fist to name a few.