Taoism is not a Religion

The world is in chaos because the new natural is unnatural. Humanity as a whole has forsaken "the way"and live in contradiction to nature. As the master has said, "animals will kill for food, but human beings will kill with a full stomach." To me, Taoism is a way to live that was discovered by the ancient Chinese Taoist masters but it was never intended to be a religion. This way provides health and harmony through simply living in balance with nature. The writings of Loa zi has nothing to do with religion, but contains wise thoughts about living in harmony, inside and out with the creation, or nature. There are two views of Taoism. The first is that it is a religion. The Taoist priests believe that they will advance through nei gong, and one day sit in full lotus position and open the ba hui and return to the void. They believe in human immortals and divine immortals. They devine to predict the future and yield themselves to be possessed by the spirits of other Taoist beings. I do not follow Taoism as a religion. The second view is that Taoism is the way to live in balance with one's self and the world through yin yang balance and the five element theory of Chinese medicine.
 I am a Christian and believe in the one true God of the Bible and the Lord Jesus Christ for my salvation (John 14:6, Acts 4:12). The one true God has revealed knowledge to different peoples of the world and the different discoveries and inventions used by all of the different peoples of the world has originated with many different nations. God chose the Taoist Chinese masters to teach the knowledge of yin yang balance and the five element theory of Chinese medicine. The Bible contains many verses that pertain to breathe, the orbits, nature, the spirit of man which is in the belly, balance, the green herb of the field and so forth. The truths of nature (creation) are undeniable and visible to all who are willing to see. Nature is in balance. Left-right, up-down, slow-fast, stillness-movement, cold-dry, and wet-dry are all examples. When nature is out of balance, bad things happen. Ecclesiastes 3:11 teaches the balance of life. When our lives are in balance, we are healthy and when we are out of balance, our health is affected adversely.

I love the Chinese people and their culture. All Chinese martial arts have their roots in either Taoism or Buddhism. I am so glad that I have been accepted by Lee Po Nang and Grandmaster Li Fa Jun in the Dragon Gate School of Tai Chi Chuan. Taoism teaches the practitioner to be responsible for his own life and struggle to live a more sustainable life. This involves mind-body integration and it is psycho somatic. Taoism teaches the saving of life verses the taking or killing of life. The end goal is wu wei. This is why the black tortoise lives the longest by doing the least to obtain the most.
God chose ancient Chinese Taoist people to be enlightened to the truths of nature and the creation of the human body. They studied and found the three dantians, the microcosmic orbits inside every person, the accu points which pertain to meridians and organs, etc… They discovered that yin yang balance and the five element theory of Chinese medicine are true ways to avoid disease, be cured of sickness and live a nourishing life. Nei gong is crucial in nourishing life. Collecting, refining, sealing and extinguishing are the secrets to understanding and implementing advancement in nourishing life. In nei gong, first you must accept your shape (xing), then through much practice the essence (jing) is transmuted to chi and then chi to shen. As a practitioner advances from di, ren , xian, he must be a moral and virtuous person. He must take responsibility for his own life, then seek to help others and seek to teach others how to help themselves and help others. The Chinese internal alchemists discovered and taught these methods. A person should also know their nature according to their birthday and the five element theory of Chinese medicine. Then they should balance their nature with the other elements. A person should better themselves in this way and then seek to teach others to live in the same way of balance.
The world is filled with people who are out of balance and therefore the world is in chaos. Taoism teaches the balance of the yin and yang organs that pertain to the five elements in Chinese medicine. Taoism applies to every area of life. For example, I cannot be overly happy because then I set myself up for sadness to balance the happiness. I must choose to live in the balances middle. I cannot be overly excited, or I set myself up for depression. This is a great, wise way to live.

Most people depend on others to do for them what they should be doing for themselves. Most people trust in Western medicine, which does not incorporate mind-body integration. Cancer, high blood pressure, insanity, diabetes, obesity heart disease, digestion problems, respiratory problems, are all physical results of a yin yang imbalance. Modern psychiatry does not teach accountability for one's actions, but usually puts the blame on one's upbringing or circumstance. Pharmaceuticals do not heal and in most cases have dangerous side effects (including damage to the kidneys, which are the most important organs) which make the condition worse and not better.
Selfishness, bad tempers, greed, envy, and crime are just a few of the outward manifestations of inward yin yang imbalance. There are no secret elixirs that can solve the problems of life. The secret to life is that it is a way of life through yin yang balance and five element theory. People cannot cope with their problems, so they turn to drug addiction, violence and other crutches to get them through when their nature is out of balance. Chinese herbs, accu point or pressure technique, chi gong and tai chi are not solutions in themselves, but each of these is a small part of Taoism or a way to live in accordance with the laws that govern nature.

One of the great benefits of internal alchemy is the ability to use intent to direct chi to different organs and locations in the body. The Bible teaches that the life of the flesh is in the blood (Leviticus 17:11). The directed chi provides oxygen to the needed organs in the body healing and nourishment. Tai Chi is not only a martial art, but moving meditation in which yin yang balance occurs and the channels and meridians are opened so that the chi, blood and oxygen can flow freely to all of the parts of the body. A true man breathes from his heals. A dog breathes from his lungs.
My martial arts school is in a small town, with a small population, but I have a goal to send out Representatives to carry on the art. We teach deadly self-defense techniques and the Chinese martial arts, but emphasize the returning to the beginning and seeking to save life rather than fighting. Kung Fu is a hard earned skill that builds disciple and enriches every area of a practitioner's life. Chi Gong and Tai Chi are simply a way to teach Taoism as a way to live in every area of life. A balanced life and a natural life is a healthy life. My favorite nourishing forms are Mian Chuan and Huan Dan Chuan. We must minimalize yin and yang.

Taoism is not a religion, but a harmonious way to live according to the creation of God (nature).

Jesus Christ is the answer that man needs. The one true God loved the world and sent His Son to die on the cross and shed His blood to pay for the sin of humanity. You must repent of your sin and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior by trusting Him to take you to heaven when you die (Luke 13:3, Act 4:12, John 3:16, Romans 10:9-13 and Ephesians 2:8). No man can purify himself to obtain worthiness to stand before God without the one sacrifice of God's Son.