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Heng Xing Zi is a 31st generation disciple and Representative of the Longmen  School. He is very concerned about the souls of men and the health problems that they encounter. He loves people and desires to share Taiji Quan  with his students. The ancient Taoist arts, which  were once super top secret, are now being offered to students worthy of them.  Jeffrey James has 38 years of experience in the Chinese martial arts. Self defense and the promotion of health are emphasized in every lesson. If you are interested in learning this ancient art, feel free to contact us with any questions. 
Longmen Taiji Quan has many health benefits. The gentle massaging of the kidneys helps to develop yin yang balance in the kidneys and the liver. This, in turn will eventually cause the five elements to move and all of the organs will be nourished. Through faithful practice, the art helps to prevent and cure diseases and problems such as anxiety, depression, digestion illnesses, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, insomnia, prostate and gynecological diseases, cardiovascular and respiratory conditions, spinal conditions,  joint problems, and neurological conditions just to name a few.
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